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RodTite Rod Holders - Factory Direct 

RodTite Rod Holders - Whether you are Still Fishing, Drift Fishing, or Trolling for Striped Bass, Catfish, Crappie or Walleye, we have designed RodTite Rod Holders for ease of use and peace of mind about loosing your expensive rod and reel.

We have used a lot of different fishing rod holders over the years, and found that none of them really satisfied our needs. We decided to design and manufacture our own fishing rod holders and since we owned an aluminum foundry the most sensible choice for us was Marine Grade Cast Aluminum because of it's strength and no rust characteristics with Stainless Steel Hardware.

We wanted a fishing rod holder that is functional, yet simple to use.

Our main design concerns were that our rod holders would securely hold our rods and reels without fear of loss, ease of use, vertical and horizontal adjustability, rust and corrosion resistance and strength. We believe that we have accomplished our design concerns and now have the best, most functional Fishing Rod Holder on the market and it is made in Greer, South Carolina, USA.

When you try a RodTite Rod Holder we believe you will be hooked!

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Cleat-On Lantern Holders - Factory Direct 

Cleat-on Lantern Holder

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RodTite Rod Holders - Are Adjustable!!!! 

RodTite Rod Holder, Adjusted Level

RodTite Rod Holder, Adjusted Down

RodTite Rod Holder, Adjusted Slightly Up

RodTite Rod Holder, Adjusted Up

RodTite Rod Holder Uses:
  • RodTite Rod Holders for Striped Bass Fishing
  • RodTite Rod Holders for Crappie Fishing
  • RodTite Rod Holders for Catfish Fishing
  • RodTite Rod Holders for Walleye Fishing
  • RodTite Rod Holders for Boats
  • RodTite Rod Holders for Docks
  • RodTite Rod Holders for Spinning Reels
  • RodTite Rod Holders for Open Face Spinning Reels
  • RodTite Rod Holders for Bait Caster Reels
  • RodTite Rod Holders for Larger Trolling Reels

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