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RodTite Rod Holder
  • RodTite Rod Holders designed and used by Striped Bass, Crappie and Catfish Fishermen
  • Securely holds your expensive rod and reel
  • Easy rod removal with big fish on
  • Adjustable - Vertical tilt & Horizontal direction
  • Rubberized coating, on our marine grade cast aluminum rod holder frame, prevents scratches and reduces noise
  • Stainless Steel Hardware
  • Usable with most types of rod and reel combinations
  • Fits any 1/2"-13nc base (not included)
  • Included: One coated cast aluminum rod holder frame, one 1/2" x 4" SS stem bolt, (optional, one 1/2" x 6" SS stem bolt), one 1/2" SS flat washer, one 1/2" SS wing nut, one 1/2" SS nut.
  • patent pending

RodTite Rod Holder: $25.95/ea. or $27.95/ea.

plus shipping & handling

RodTite Rod Holder - with 4 inch stem Retail 29.95 Your Price 25.95
RodTite Rod Holder - with 6 inch Stem Retail 31.95 Your Price 27.95

Bundle of 10 - RodTite Rod Holders with 4 inch stems for $225.00 and Free Shipping

Includes:  (10) - RodTite Rod Holders with 4 inch stems as described above for $225.00 and free shipping.

Bundle of 10 - RodTite Rod Holders - 4 inch stems Retail 299.50 Your Price 225.00

RodTite Surface Mounted base

Aluminum Base, Surface Mounted for 1/2"-13nc rod holder stem, 1.5" x 2" x 1/2" thick.

RodTite Surface Mounted Base Retail 10.50 Your Price 7.95

Cleat-On Lantern Holder, Aluminum
  • Made of marine grade cast aluminum
  • Stainless Steel Hardware
  • The versatile Cleat-On Lantern Holder installs quickly under many existing rope cleats, for night fishing, on boats, docks and piers.  (no drilling required)
  • Ready to use in seconds, Remove instantly after use.
  • The adjustable lantern holder arm will raise and lower to suit your needs and locks into most boat, dock or pier cleats, with a center hole in the cleat, then raises, lowers and easily pops off after use.
  • Cleat (not included), must have a center opening of no less than 1" wide and 1/2" high.
  • Rubberized powder coated end to prevent scratches.
  • Total extended length is approximately 24"
Cleat-On Lantern Holder Retail 21.95 Your Price 18.95

RodTite T-Bar Bundle - T-Bar, 4 Rod Holders & Base
  • Includes:
    • Four RodTite Rod Holders, with 4” stems
    • One 1-1/2” x 1/2” x 24” aluminum bar, 10” high, main stem (1/2” stainless steel all thread rod with a 10” x 1” aluminum outer stem for regidity)
    • One surface mounted base.
  • All Aluminum and Stainless Steel construction
  • Fits many 1/2"-13nc bases
  • Custom main stem lengths avaliable (contact us for more info)

$139.95 plus shipping & handling

RodTite T-Bar Bundle, with 4 Rod Holders & Base Retail 163.95 Your Price 139.95
RodTite T-Bar, Post & Base (no Rod Holders) Retail 50.95 Your Price 44.95

RodTite Rod Holders - Are Adjustable!!!! 

RodTite Rod Holder, Adjusted Level

RodTite Rod Holder, Adjusted Down

RodTite Rod Holder, Adjusted Slightly Up

RodTite Rod Holder, Adjusted Up

RodTite Rod Holder Uses:
  • RodTite Rod Holders for Striped Bass Fishing
  • RodTite Rod Holders for Crappie Fishing
  • RodTite Rod Holders for Catfish Fishing
  • RodTite Rod Holders for Walleye Fishing
  • RodTite Rod Holders for Boats
  • RodTite Rod Holders for Docks
  • RodTite Rod Holders for Spinning Reels
  • RodTite Rod Holders for Open Face Spinning Reels
  • RodTite Rod Holders for Bait Caster Reels
  • RodTite Rod Holders for Larger Trolling Reels

Cleat-On Lantern Holders - Factory Direct 

Cleat-on Lantern Holder
Cleat-On Lantern Holder Mounting Photo

Mounts under your existing cleat (NOT INCLUDED)


Barbare's Aluminum Foundry, Inc.

StreetSmart, L.L.C.

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